Herewith the second part of Sergey and his hunter Dima with us, guided by our PH Jarryd. Dima got a very good Mountain Reedbuck as well as a good common Blesbok, before heading to an other concession of ours a little bit more inland. Here, Dima will take a beautiful Oryx and a very good common Springbok when Sergey will harvest a great Blue Wildebeest.

Then we had the great pleasure of having a french family from Lyon. Stunning landscape with loads of game in the Eastern Cape Province of South Africa, some outstanding stalk with very good animals harvested, well done guys!

Meanwhile, our PH Christo will get a very good leopard and some old dagga boys…

As for myself, I was in Kimberley area with long time friend André Dubois, a renowned Swiss gunsmith, and his group of hunters. Cape Buffalo was what we were looking for, and we got 5 old big dagga boys in 6 days, along with some plains game.

André will also harvest that outstanding Waterbuck of way over 33” that will score # 16 at SCI!!

And the season just carry on with an other great East African Sitatunga in Uganda …

Until next time, happy hunting and sharp bullet!!

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