Christophe Beau, founder and principal of Grand Safari, is a veteran of the French Marine Infantry with service in Senegal, West Africa. He is also a dual citizen of the Republic of South Africa and France, with a US subsidiary (Grand Safari USA) incorporated in the state of Vermont. Our Professional Hunters include veterans who have served in South Africa, Namibia (South West Africa), Angola, and Zimbabwe (Rhodesia), with friends currently employed as contractors in Iraq and Afghanistan.

Grand Safari respects the contribution of those who serve in the military, and offers terms and conditions tailored to their unique needs:

  • Flexible Schedule: Arranging a safari in the Republic of South Africa (RSA) is feasible on 48 hours notice, for most of the common species we hunt. Your safari in RSA or in Zimbabwe can be delayed by as much as a month on short notice, or rescheduled entirely, if the dates of your leave have changed. We will hold the reserved quota (specialty animals in RSA, all animals in Zimbabwe) for that one month time, or start planning from scratch without loss of your deposit. Safaris in Tanzania and Mozambique are also available, but with fewer options for rescheduling.
  • Arms and Ammunition: With active military ID, your rifle rental and ammunition for hunting are FREE. Our local shops have bow hunting equipment in stock for purchase, and can special order (with 3 months notice) the archery equipment of your choice.
  • Clothing: For travel and hunting in the Republic of South Africa, Mozambique, and Tanzania, your ABU, ACU, or BDU uniform is ideal. Three sets of clothing (one worn, two packed) is preferred, since daily laundry service is included in our price. Depending on the time of year, the addition of a rain jacket, fleece vest, insulating hat, and gloves are recommended. Zimbabwe does not allow camouflage, either commercial or military. Transit passengers in the Johannesburg airport can purchase all necessary clothing and boots.
  • Trophies: Your un-mounted skins, horns, and skulls can be shipped immediately, or held in RSA for up to a year. Delivery of finished mounts prepared by a taxidermist in RSA can follow a normal one year schedule, or can be held an additional year after full payment. RSA taxidermy prices, instructions, and payment can all be arranged by e-mail and bank wire transfer.
  • Calendar: We hunt 12 months out of the year. Frost is possible in June and July, with shirt-sleeve weather by afternoon. The pool and ocean beach are available September through April. Weather is hot and wet December through February.
  • Total Life Support: All our hunting safaris include airport transfers, three meals a day, private bathroom, linens on the bed, and free wine and beer.
  • Groups: We can accommodate individuals and groups of up to twelve (12) clients. Professional Hunters can guide one client (1×1) or two clients (2×1), plus non-hunting observers. To keep your group in one lodge, please book 3 to 6 months in advance.
  • Airlines: Delta and South African Airways are the preferred carriers for travel between North America and Africa. Air France and South African Airways are the preferred carriers for travel between Europe and Africa. Emirates is the preferred carrier between the Middle East and Africa.
  • Extra Activities: Salt water fishing, fresh water fishing, skydiving, winery tours, rental cars, photo safaris, sightseeing, and nightclubs can all be arranged.
  • Licenses and Tags: There are no licenses or tags: you pay for what you shoot and you pay for package animals (if you purchase a package). A hunter’s safety card is NOT required. Hunter orange is NOT required, since hunting groups use distance and exclusive properties for safety.
  • Experience: Expert hunters will have the time of their life. Our Professional hunters can also guide clients with little or no experience. The average rifle shot is 150 yards. Offhand 50 yard shots into 6 inch groups combined with 200 yard shots from a field rest into 6 inch groups will produce trophies (at least half for the record book) at the rate of one per day of hunting. The average bow shot is 25 yards (from a blind or from a leopard crawl with knee pads and gloves).
  • Payment: Wire transfers to South Africa and personal checks mailed to the US (we use Bank of America) are best for deposits. Final payments can be made before arrival in the same manner, or by cash and travelers checks. Once you leave the airport, your US bank card works in the ATMs in RSA (subject to daily limit).
  • Hospitality: We hunt in friendly countries that like Americans. The environment is safe, and the locals will welcome you.

Join us for your next leave. African safari offers memories that will last a lifetime, and recreation at a world class standard.

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