Garry McLellan was born and raised in the Eastern Cape Province of South Africa where he grew up in the little coastal town of Port Alfred. Garry has been fishing and hunting with his grandfathers since as long as he can remember. He moved to Canada in 1999 where he runs his own successful business.

Based in Calgary, Garry is Grand Safari link for the whole of Western and Central Canada, traveling on a regular basis to Southern Africa himself, he is able to fine tune all logistics aspects of your next safari from your door step.


Roberto Rodriguez Prado, “Rupert”, was the last person who joined our team. Born in Argentina in 1957 and biologist since 1984, he assists our hunters who speak English, Spanish, Italian and German. He lives in Buenos Aires, Argentina, and represents our company in South America accompanying the groups of hunters throughout their safari.

He is also a very good hunter and he has a passion for fauna, flora, anthropology and native art which is an additional bonus for the hunters, making their safari experience more interesting.


Since he can remember, Gustavo de Agustín has been hunting and thinking about game, his great passion. His dreams eventually came true as he joined the great team of GRAND SAFARI.
He was first part of our team in the 2004 summer, visiting a few African countries along with our leader Christophe Beau. Since then, Gustavo and Christophe have shared a true and strong friendship, and Gustavo has kept thinking of coming back to that wonderful continent.
Gustavo will be happy to answer all your questions and concerns about your safari and guide you about all the options available to find the best one, as each hunter is unique.
Their motto is justified by their great professionalism and responsibility: YOU JUST ENJOY HUNTING, WE TAKE CARE OF THE REST.


Sergey Tyutchev was born in the village of Oktyabrsk on the Iya river bank in Russia where he started to hunt with his dad, older brother and brother in law at the age of 10. He is today a renowned professional hunter operating in various areas in Russia and is also the owner of Eventus created in 2009, offering various fishing, hunting and adventurous Safaris in and around Russia. Based in Moscow region, Sergey is the perfect contact to fine tune all your travel requirements from Russia to any of our Grand Safari destinations. He great knowledge of outdoor activities, especially hunting, will allow you to give you the best advise you will need to set up the perfect african safari.