Already October, still busy hunting with a few big hunts to run here in RSA before the end of the year. In Tanzania, we are half way through the last 21 day of the year, with already a huge lion taken a few days ago … our hunter Christophe is now after elephant and leopard, we can’t wait to have full report with pictures to show you…

Swiss hunters Hani and his son Marc have just been on their yearly visit to Grand Safari, Hani took that beautiful old Nyala bull the first day.

Marc will take the plung a few days later with a massive Blue Wildebeest bull. We were on a very big springbok ram for Hani when we bumped into a herd of Blue Wildebeest bulls, Marc dropped a huge bull, that was his first animal ever, well done!!!!

It is always a real privilege to be part of a father & son hunt not to be forgotten, especially guiding someone’s first steps into african hunting, thank you guys!
Some other great stalks will lead to other great trophies…

Half way through the hunt, we had 4 french hunters from Marseille area that joined us.
Great atmosphere amongst hunters around the camp fire, with all those hunting stories at night…just the way it should be as we say at Grand Safari hey!

Gilbert, Stéphane, Raoul and Louis harvested some great record book animals, including Gilbert’s very good Nyala and outstanding Steenbok. As a first african safari for some of them, they did very well with some great hunting action and stalks amongst some cape buffalo, rhinos and giraffes, just the way we at Grand Safari like to run safaris!!

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